Syndromes and a Century

“I don’t dare to confess my love,” states a minor character midway through Syndromes and a Century, an engaging, often sublimely funny new film from writer-director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Indeed, the frustrated young men (and one woman) under Weerasethakul’s gaze are at pains to articulate what’s on their minds. It’s a movie about looking, listening, and waiting — and how we as human beings are stirred up inside by our connections to other people, perhaps especially by connections that are more imagined than real.

Nowhere does Weerasethakul demonstrate this better than in the oddly sweet rapport between a dentist, who nurtures a second career as a singer of romantic ballads, and a monk, who desires to be something, anything, other than a wearer of holy robes.

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