Open Water

Babes in Sharkland: Daniel Travis and Blanchard Ryan take to Open Water (Lionsgate)

Open Water, a new thriller written, directed, and edited by Chris Kentis, engagingly combines domestic strife with shark attacks.

The movie isn’t perfect. The basic premise I found implausible, be as it may inspired by an actual occurrence; the production values and the acting are occasionally amateurish. Yet for these shortcomings, Open Water is consistently well observed. From vivid nature shots to the use of an ocean as a physical presence, the camera work of Kentis and Laura Lau (she photographed the on-land scenes; he filmed the underwater sequences) suggests an assured design that nonetheless supports the movie’s seeming improvisational quirkiness.

More than this, however, Kentis and Lau (who are married to each other) capture the bantering and bickering of a young couple in ways that (mostly) feel authentic. Continue reading Open Water